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A honeymoon can be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. After the stress of the wedding preparations and the joy of finally becoming a married pair, couples enjoy pure blissful days during their honeymoon. It’s all about relaxing, celebrating love and having the time of your life.

But how do you find the ideal honeymoon destination? Tropical, ski resorts, camping trips in the wilderness, extravagant European excursions or even African safaris create exciting backdrops to begin the days of forever. Where you choose to honeymoon, however, depends on your interests as a couple…and your individual personalities.

Unfortunately, there also is the issue of a budget. Before couples decide where to escape for their honeymoon, they need to know how much they can spend. Domestic honeymoons tend to be more affordable than international destinations, so if the budget is tight opt to stay within the U.S.

Once the budget is set, the choices become more focused…and the planning begins.

Getting There
Choosing an international destination means you need to book a flight. Staying in the continental U.S. gives you other options. Amtrak trips make for memorable travel stories. Or rent a car or an RV. If you have a fear of flying, these other options also keep you grounded.

What to Pack
Hot humid destinations call for light breezy attire. However, don’t forget to pack umbrellas or raincoats, pants or sweaters for cooler nights and rainy days. Heading to the ski slopes? Pack layers and lots of warm sweaters. And always, always pack sunscreen! Don’t forget to assemble a first aid kit and consider including medications for possible stomach issues.

Do Your Homework
Research the area you will be visiting. If you’re heading overseas, buy a book about the culture of the area and acclimate yourself to local customs. What may be acceptable in the U.S. may be offensive abroad.

Know the Currency
Consider packing traveler’s checks if you’re staying in the U.S. The benefit of traveler’s checks is that they often provide a ‘zero liability clause’ meaning if they are lost or stolen you aren’t left eating the loss. If you’re planning a trip abroad, familiarize yourself with the currency used in the visiting country and the exchange rate. While travelers may use credit or debit cards in other countries, there is a risk associated with using plastic.

Make an Itinerary
If you’re going on a cruise, you likely will have an itinerary. Otherwise, make one for your own reference. No matter where you are destined to travel, there will likely be much to do and see. Make sure you hit all the hot spots during your stay by making a schedule. Your itinerary doesn’t have to be hour by hour, but just allow yourself plenty of time to explore.

Need more helpful hints about planning your perfect honeymoon? Check out the infographic…and start planning!


Contributed by Shannon Lochwood

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